Your personal 66 Days of Change

An offering from Turtle Transformation

Nearly three months of high intensity 1:1 training aiming for real change inside you.

These 66 days of training …

  • gain clarity of what you really want in life.
  • offer the opportunity to change fast and deep.
  • offer a broad range of tools and techniques to work with yourself.

This is for you if you are …

  • craving change.
  • willing to really change yourself.
  • wanting this change NOW.
  • taking on the complete responsibility for yourself.

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The way of the Eagle together with the Turtle:

  • Strengthen your inner discipline
  • Pursuit of truth
  • Redress balance (Kindness and willpower)
  • Find yourself through your own pain
  • Slow but smart
  • Endurance and stability
  • Wisdom
  • Fast Lerner

What you get:

Your personal Kick-off Workshop:

  • Define your goals, including scaling questions to make it measurable
  • (min 1,5 h to max 2 x 1,5 h)

Per week:

  • 4 x 30 min Check-In with technique training
  • 1 x 60 min personal 1:1 Deep Dive

Your personal Half-Way-Through Workshop:

  • Refine or change your goals, including scaling questions to make it measurable
  • (min 1,5 h to max 2 x 1,5 h)

Your personal Finisher Celebration and Recapitulation

Hard facts:

  • Costs: 19.800 Euro for your personal 1:1 training
  • Start as soon as the next slot is available. Apply today.

Apply for your change today

Prerequisites - commitment to do the work:

The members of the 66 Days of Change Team are PEACEFUL WARRIORS. They seek peace within themselves and with the world and repeatedly choose peace-making words and deeds for their path. They have a clear vision and are flexible in the course of their journey. For this time(and beyond), that person is you.

As part of the 66 Days of Change Team, I stand for seeing my life as my responsibility.

I stand for taking good care of myself. That means I take the time to take care of myself, to communicate with myself in a loving and accepting way, to perceive my needs and to respond to them.

I train every day. I’m radically honest with myself. I am truly seeing. I feel all my feelings and get to know them with an open and curious mind. I respect my body. That means I pay attention to how it is doing, I give it nutritious food that suits it, I give it enough sleep, exercise and rest.

I develop myself by getting to know myself honestly: I ask myself who I am, what inspires me, what is important to me and what I need to be at peace with myself and the world.


Your trainer: Miriam Schmidberger

Miriam is Change Angle and Performance Coach. Miriam combines inner work and personality development with scientific down-to-earthness. With a variety of intuitive tools, she can be your fast track guide to a powerful leader role within your life and business.

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