Kickstart your Empathic Leadership

An offering from Turtle Transformation

A 6 weeks course where you start with yourself and strengthen your empathetic leadership skills. Start your next step in your leadership skills career and increase efficiency by empathy. At this course you will get …

more empathic leadership tools

better connection to yourself

a kickstart for more efficiency and happiness within your team

6 weeks transformation guidance and tips & tricks

Hard facts

Next Dates & Location:

  • Berlin, Sinnergie-Berlin, Pankow, Germany - June + July 2023
    Tuesday: 13.6 + 20.6. + 27.6. + 4.7. + 11.7. + 18.7. , 8:30-10:00am
  • RDI Hub, Killorglin, Ireland - October + November 2023
  • online - starting in Q1 2024
  • or book your onsite training for your company

Price: 2400€ per person

For Whom

Any person leading a team: C-Level, director, manager, team leader, …

What we Do

Empathy is a big new buzzword in leadership. It is the link between managers and employees. Unfortunately, true empathy only comes from connecting with and empathizing with yourself. This 6 week empathy kickstart includes 3 weeks of personal development and personal immersion in your values, emotions and behaviors as well as tools to deal with yourself. The other 3 weeks we focus on tools and methods to lead through empathy.

Alongside the six 90-minute sessions, you will join our online community and receive inspiration twice per week to bring empathetic leadership into your daily business. In addition, we are at your disposal for your questions and challenges in the transformation of your leadership style.


  • Session 1: What is empathy and self-empathy?
    Basically the same, except that you are as empathetic to others as you are to yourself. Empathy is the ability to deal constructively with emotions in general. This ability allows you to see, fall in love, and connect with others in a caring and calm way.

  • Session 2: Making connections and empathic leadership
    Every communication contains your own reality and the reality of your counterpart. To create an empathic exchange, you need to see, understand and connect the different realities.

  • Session 3: Your emotions and your mind
    Most of our emotions are not consciously perceived. Instead, we have thought and reaction patterns. To change this, we need to quiet the mind and connect on an emotional level.

  • Session 4: Active listening and authentic communication
    We will use all your new skills to make connections, manage your emotions, and listen to other people with an open and empathetic mind. It will create a new experience in communicating with your employees.

  • Session 5: Projecting stories onto others
    When you start actively listening to your thoughts, you will see many assumptions. We don’t know if they’re true or not, and this opens the door for our subconscious to project stories onto other people. As we begin to unravel these stories, we will find hidden truths about ourselves, and often a very different story behind the other person.

  • Session 6: Observation and empathy in meetings Having many people in a room brings many different emotions and energies into action. As an empathetic leader, you are able to identify everyone’s needs and lead your meeting to efficient outcomes.

What you Get

  • 6 training sessions
  • Personality and leadership development
  • Moderated online community with inspiration twice per week
  • More empathy and success for business and private life
  • New tools for your leadership toolbox

What to Bring

  • Openness to a new leadership style
  • Examples from your everyday business
  • A yoga mat and friendly clothing for some movements

Your Trainers

  • Miriam from Turtle Transformation, an expert in agile leadership and personal development
  • Markus from Turtle Transformation, an expert for leading high performance teams and leadership coach

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Kickstart your Empathic Leadership - BERLIN

6 weeks course in Berlin where you start with yourself and strengthen your empathetic leadership skills.

This package contains 6 trainings of 90 minutes & access to the moderated online community in Mighty Networks: 2400 Euros per person

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Kickstart your Empathic Leadership - RDI Hub

6 weeks course in RDI Hub, Ireland where you start with yourself and strengthen your empathetic leadership skills.

This package contains 6 trainings of 90 minutes & access to the moderated online community in Mighty Networks: 2400 Euros per person

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Kickstart your Empathic Leadership - Your Onsite Training

We offer the "Kickstart your Empathic Leadership" training as an onsite training within your company as well. We can run the training for a group (5-10 people) of your leaders within your office or in any nice offsite location.

We offer this package with an agenda optimized for your setup. Usually, we start the training with two full days course and a one full day course after 4 weeks. We guide and support the group over 6 weeks via a moderated online community (in best case as part of one of your internal communication tools, e.g. Slack)

Please contact us for your individual offer

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