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Leaders have a complex task that includes making many decisions every day. In addition to professional skills there are expectations for communication skills, sovereignty, integrity, decision-making power, effectiveness, sense of responsibility, orientation, assertiveness, ability to cooperate, empathy, authenticity, flexibility, an “eye for the essential” and much more. So it is a lot about your individual personality. The conscious design of the leadership role and the ability to self-reflect - with the aim of examining one’s own individual perception, thinking and feeling, and the personal communication behavior - are important for your successful leadership.

Colleagues, team members, internal coaches and HR business partners are good sparring partners. However, these are usually tied to the same processes, the same business idea, the same strategy or vision. Supervision coaching with an external coach gives you the opportunity to focus and achieve high-quality execution of all tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

more clarity for you

better goal achievement for you and your teams

more authentic & human leadership

better work-life balance

Our executive supervision coaching covers topics such as personal life, personal development, C-level relationships, key employees, organizational structures, organizational strategies & dynamics & decisions, transformation processes and culture changes. We always look at the integration of all topics and pursue a holistic view of the situation.

Your benefits

  • You develop clarity in all areas of your life and you get support for the efficient fulfillment of professional and private goals.
  • You learn to react more appropriately and resource-efficiently in difficult professional situations.
  • You strengthen your ability to deal with conflict and negotiate.
  • Supervision also provides emotional and stress relief.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Gain and keep an overview in the work environment and in private
  • Strategic issues for company, life, family
  • Discover and develop professional skills
  • Personal challenges
  • Conflicts at personal, team and organizational level
  • Recognizing and effectively dealing with fear and changes
  • Overwork and excessive demands - burnout?
  • Dealing with (unexpected) feedback
  • Build security and authenticity

Different forms of supervision coaching:

  • individual supervision: leader gets support by coach
  • team supervision: team & leader get support by coach. Together we develop new and common solutions.
  • case / project supervision: leader (and project manager) gets support by coach. We put a focus on special case or project.
  • leadership team supervision: leadership team gets support by coach. Together we reflect the leadership activities in the company.

Who is leadership supervision coaching for?

For the sake of simplicity, only the male role is used here. Women and other genders are also cordially discussed:

  • Board members, managing directors, committee members
  • C-level managers
  • Specialists and executives, team leaders
  • Mediators and conflict managers
  • Project Manager
  • Teacher

Packages & Prices

Your Balance in Personal & Business Goals

It is very common to have business goals, or some companies use OKRs. Do you also have personal goals? If you are also interested in personal growth, we strongly encourage you to define your personal goals. But how do you bring personal and business goals together and in harmony? How can it be avoided that these goals do not contradict or compete?
In this supervision leadership coaching package, we bring clarity and balance to your personal and business goals.

  • Think about your business goals
  • Reflect and define your personal goals
  • Align and prioritize all your goals
  • Optimize your work- and lifetime, and life structure
  • Get clarity about your work and life vision & goals
  • Create your own process to reflect and monitor your personal and business goals

This package contains 6 sessions of 45 minutes Zoom call & a weekly check-in via email or messenger: 1650 Euros

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Empathic Leadership

Leadership is all about the relationship with your employees. Empathy can be described as the glue in your relationships. If you're interested in leading high-performing teams with a happy work culture and low retention rate, it's time to become an empathetic leader. Read more about the need or more empathic leadership, e.g. at Forbes.
In this supervision leadership coaching package, we begin your journey as an empathetic leader:

  • What is an empathetic leader
  • What are your empathic skills at the moment
  • What's stopping you from being empathetic?
  • How about encouraging and trusting your team?
  • Start listening
  • Lead in your teams
  • Be interested in your employees
  • Be empathetic and loving with yourself - empathic leadership is a tough job

This package contains 8 sessions of 45 minutes Zoom call & a weekly check-in via email or messenger: 2250 Euros

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Well-being & Efficiency

The future of work is about putting people and purpose before process. Employee well-being and experience gain a competitive advantage. But how to ensure teams still being efficient, creating business value and delivering on time? Don't efficiency and well-being contradict each other? As a leader, this may sound like a very difficult balancing act between efficiency, joy, well-being and business value. Following a few simple rules, well-being and performance go together, and well-being creates more efficiency. Read more about how well-being creates productivity, e.g. at Forbes.
In this supervision leadership coaching package, we begin to improve your well-being and that of your team:

  • What is well-being & efficiency in your company?
  • How can you understand the needs of your employees?
  • Open your mind to true well-being - start with yourself
  • Trust your employees and create a feel-good culture
  • Increase efficiency through well-being

This package contains 5 sessions of 45 minutes Zoom call & a weekly check-in via email or messenger: 1350 Euros

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Leadership Supervision Coaching - INDIVIDUAL

In individual coaching, we look at the current leadership situation and ideals of work and life. Based on this, we develop the first steps towards the personal vision. We usually need two to three, 60-90 minute conversations for this.

300€ per 45 min Zoom call, billing is based on 15 minute units.

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Miriam or Markus are available as coaches on request. All packages can also be designed as workshops for your team or as workshops for your entire management team. Please contact us via email for your individual offer.

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