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We all strive for joy at work and in our everyday life. Changes such as a new delivery date, a new strategic direction, a new manager, a new role or a newborn child can create great challenges and limit the joy. Modern managers are expected to take care of everything and that the above events do not affect their own performance and that their teams remain happy and productive.

We offer a “TurtleTrafo Work Excellence Masterclass”, which gives you as a manager the opportunity to deliver high-quality results at any time without losing your joy. After finishing our program you are able to guide teams to become more self-sufficient, flexible and efficient. By doing this you will inherently create an atmosphere of well being and security.

Our program is like a journey. Our central principle is living and leading from the inside to the outside. You will start close to home with yourself. Getting to know the workings of your inside world. With these basics in your backpack the journey leads you through the jungle of human coworking and existing. This phase is giving you hands-on knowledge and experience in forming human groups that are (over time) able to naturally adapt to different settings. The building blocks are seemingly contradictory elements: structure and flexibility, security and freedom, individuals and community. The building blocks cover aspects as “New Work”, “Work 2.0”, “Mindfulness”, “Empathy”, “Resilience” and “Courage to fail”. The masterclass follows the vision that satisfied people are dedicated and reliable team members.


The masterclass runs for 12 months and includes the following offers:

  • 6 x individual coaching (once a month)
  • 3 x weekly seminars - online and approximately two hours per weekday (Monday - Thursday)
  • 1 x Make-the-Change - 14 days of changing your processes through daily (Monday - Thursday) individual coaching
  • optional: three days offline masterclass in Bavaria. Costs for offers, accommodation and meals amount to approximately 1500 euros.
  • Peer-group - bi-weekly online peer-group meetings
  • 3 webinars on selected topics
  • Self-study of approximately 10 hours per month
  • Final interview

Prices & Dates & Booking

The annual price for the Masterclass is € 7,500 in the online version and € 10,000 in the offline version plus accommodation costs. You can book the masterclass as a private person. However, we recommend receiving the Masterclass as personal training from your employer.

The next online Masterclass with a maximum of 10 participants starts 2023.

Inquire now via email

Opening Masterclass

The Opening Masterclass starts on 15. February 2022 in a familial setting with a maximum of 5 participants. Participation only by personal invitation, personal recommendation or an individual application email. For private bookings we offer a 50% discount.

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