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After years of intensive life in relationships as a couple, as parents, as a manager and as part of this world, our companion backpack is well filled. We look forward to walking part of your way with you and sharing inspiration and support with you. Each person has their own way. We cannot go your way for you. But we can accompany you and walk a piece of your life together and holistically with you.

In our experience, the most important ingredient to achieve a goal is a clear vision and the absolute will to achieve it. We can support you in finding your goals and your authentic path in life. Only you can really want it. You have to want it so badly that you’re willing to feel the pain that lies beneath the surface. You must be willing to face any truth about yourself and be brave enough to see & acknowledge that truth when needed and give yourself understanding and acceptance.

Dare to go from ‘inside to outside’.

Prices & Booking

Transformation Coaching

In individual coaching, we look at your current life situation and your ideals of life. Based on this, we develop the first steps towards your vision.

  • Individual coaching with Miriam or Markus.
    150€ per 45 minutes, billing is based on 15 minute units.

Please describe your request briefly and, if available, indicate the preferred coach.

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Areas of Experience

  • Working through childhood trauma
  • Use marital crises positively
  • Part-time career
  • Clarity and focus on your private and professional goals
  • Find your own work-life balance
  • Bringing up without punishment or living with children on an equal footing
  • De-schooling & life without school
  • Emigrate (as a family)
  • Change processes

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