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Turtle Transformation

Change from Inside to Outside

We offer leadership training and coaching that addresses business, body, mind and spirit. All of our work focuses on empowering leaders, fostering authenticity and guiding them towards efficiency and excellence.

In all of our transformations - including our own - we follow our "Inside Out" process.

  1. I look inside
  2. I look outside
  3. I reflect and change
  4. I feel and go back to step 1

Following this process, each individual can take responsibility for himself and at eye level in the contact or authentic exchange with oneself, one family member, work colleague, or other individual. Included you come step by step into peace with yourself, your environment and the world.

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We integrate the basic emotions of joy, fear, anger and sadness. We have the opportunity to look at our traumas and to find our own or assumed (shadow) parts in ourselves.

In all Turtle Transformation offerings, we address various aspects of the "inside-out" transformation. If you are interested in the "inside out" process, you can get a first impression and feel for our work with our taster course (in German).

For Business

For Business

Together we find ways to help people live the life they love by working efficiently and being respectful of themselves and others. They move organically in teams and together they achieve even bigger dreams.

It all starts within yourself. When you have clarity about what is going on inside you, you enable yourself to see the hidden dependencies that the unconscious brings into all interactions between us humans. With this clarity we can create together and achieve every corporate goal.

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For Life & Family

For Life & Family

Everything starts within ourselves. We trust ourselves and follow our heart-mind. We are all able to take responsibility for ourselves and engage in contact or authentic exchange with ourselves, a family member or other people. Coming step by step we are at peace with ourselves, our environment and the world.

When we rest within ourselves and have our own clarity, then we can fulfill any dream, find relaxation in any situation and create new life models.

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Miriam & Markus Schmidberger

Our goal is to be open, honest and authentic in dealing with ourselves and with each other: as a couple, with our children, between Work colleagues or superiors, with our fellow human beings and ultimately with the world itself. That doesn't work every day. We make mistakes, stumble, doubt and still go on felt and carried by a living relationship with God and Jesus.

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Miriam & Markus Schmidberger

The turtle is a timeless creature that lives on land and in the sea lives. Slowness and old age make the turtle one primeval animal that exudes trust and peace. As a power animal turtle, the animal stands for grounding, patience and (primordial) trust.

We find many in the characteristics and abilities of the turtle approaches that accompany us on the way of Turtle Transformations:

Lives in the tank

The turtle lives in a tank and uses it to protect itself from enemies to protect and withdraw in case of stress. Draw in our "from the inside from the outside" process we also go back to our inside and feel, then look what is outside and only then do we reflect and change.

Back to the origin

Most species of turtles lay their eggs where they will hatched themselves. In our "inside out" process, we also return always back to step 1 and start again or iteratively to change.

Excellent senses and feelings

Turtles have excellent orientation, smell, and sight feeling. We humans also have a highly developed sensory perception. This allows sensory impressions (including feelings and emotions), often finer than us is aware, perceive.


Most turtles move very slowly. Mostly they just lay go back 20 to 50 centimeters in an hour. Change is also a slow process and need a lot of patience.

For thousands of years

Turtles have been shown to have existed on earth for over 200 million years. Constant change is also an essential part of our earth and human development. Awareness that change is a natural part of life facilitates any transformative process.
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In the Turtle Transformation Podcast, Miriam shares insight minis and philosophical thoughts on her and our journeys and changes 'from the inside out'. For several episodes there is a German version avaiblable.