Yoga with Miriam

An offering from Turtle Transformation

Welcome to Yoga with Miriam in Glenbeigh Community Center. Miriam is doing a hatha oriented Yoga which connects you to your body and mind. Miriam is looking forward to seeing you for Yoga, relaxation and some fun in Glenbeigh Community Center.

Yoga for Everyone

Every Wednesday, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Miriam is doing a hatha oriented Yoga which connects you to your body and mind. The Yoga session will create more harmony and relaxation within yourself and brings your inner energy back to flow. You can join at any week and there is no prior knowledge required.

Sign in via WhatsApp Group:
In the WhatsApp Group you will get latest information on packages and if the class is open for late joiners. I will announce every Monday if the Yoga session is on offer on Wednesday. If you plan to join, please react with 👍.

Starting in March 2023 monthly packages will be available. E.g in March 2023 are 4 nights: 1st, 8th, one week break, 22nd and 29th for 48 Euros - 12 Euros per session.
The class will be up and running with minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10. If it is running with less than 10 participants the open places can be booked as usual with thumbs-up for 15 Euros per class.

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Yoga Special - Train your Back
6 sessions within 6 weeks: dates for end 2023 coming soon

Hatha oriented Yoga, which trains your back and mind. This course will focus on mobilizing and strengthen your back as well as getting more flexibility. Yoga in general connects body and mind via the breath. In this class there will be a special focus on stress related tension that tends to affect the back. We will work with techniques to calm the mind, to relax the body and to become aware what is the stress our back might be carrying for us.

You can either pay at the first session or via PayPal upfront.

Price in group: 160 Euro for 6 weeks
Price private lessons: 620 Euro for 6 weeks

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Yoga Balance Workshop
Sunday 16.4.2023 from 2:00- 5:30 p.m.
A powerful workshop which brings your mind and body back in balance. Get inspired by Yoga, meditations and emotions.
Price: 85 Euros

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Where is Glenbeigh Community Center?

Please use the entrance at the backside / next to playground of the building.

What to bring?

If available, please bring your own Yoga mat and a blanket for relaxation. Please wear comfortable clothes for movements and stretching.

Can I bring friends?

Feel free to bring and pre-sign-in friends to experience the flow of energy within Yoga. And feel free to share the webpage or our poster.