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Leader Academy

Your Journey to Authentic Leadership starts Now!

LISTEN to Miriam, Tony Robbins, Dieter Lange, and other world-renowned speakers live on stage in Cologne, Germany. Europe's largest festival of personal growth brings together 10,000 like-minded individuals on their journeys to personal breakthroughs.

Change starts within yourself. START your personal transformation journey for 1 Euro per day and step by step grow your new skills. Follow one of our themes for 66 days and create a sustainable change to your life and business.

Ready to LEAD with purpose? Authentic Leadership Coaching helps you unleash your inner leader. Remember, true leadership starts with leading yourself. Develop your vision, build trust, and empower your team for success.

Success is 80% mindset and 20% action. JOIN our 4 or 6 day long retreats to strengthen your WHY and bring ACTION to your body with kite surfing or hiking Ireland's highest mountain. Supported by professional coaches, yoga and healthy food, you will get the best space to reflect and grow.


We start, where others stop

  • We are here to support you when traditional training and methods may have fallen short.

  • We empower you to cultivate teams that are motivated, efficient, and highly successful!

  • If you've always known you have leadership potential but have felt stuck for too long, we're here to help you break free from that rut!


We invite and encourage you to fall in love with your talent for leadership,

experience the power of transformative learning,

and integrate solutions that can change your professional life!


The Authentic Leader Academy inspires you through personal coaching, education, and a sense of community, all working together to nurture your authentic leadership skills and guide you on the path towards achieving your highest goals.


At Turtle Transformation, we understand that true leadership is an evolving journey. Our coaching guides you through a learning journey of reflection, letting go of fears, leaning into empathic leadership principles and discovering your authentic, inner leader.


To integrate change and succeed in practice, you won't be left alone with the challenge. The Authentic Leader path is designed to assist you in implementing new actions, testing, analyzing, and evaluating your progress, and surpassing whatever you thought was possible for yourself.


If I am the captain of my life ship, then Miriam was and is the indispensable pilot for me. She has always helped me to steer past many shallows on my way through dangerous waters. When I got disoriented, she showed me ways to get back on the right course and stay on it. She never took the helm, but rather showed me how I can steer my ship myself. Thanks!


Miriam and Markus have a special gift for providing orientation and guidance in an empathetic and encouraging way. In dealing with our children, we receive enormously valuable and everyday learning in every coaching session. Above all, we are grateful that you two have helped us with your clarity and sensitive manner to organize our mountain of disordered ideas and dreams for the future of our family life and finally to take action bit by bit. With you, change is a joy and you are a great encouragement to us!

Amelie & Samuel

Whenever Markus and I meet for a coaching session, this time is pure inspiration and gives me noticeable courage to work on myself and for personal growth. In my inner dealings with myself, I can become more loving bit by bit and accept setbacks and mistakes increasingly positively and gratefully. Each coaching is highly individual and follows my current needs and everyday challenges, which Markus always recognises very empathetically.

Samuel Menger

Father of four and
entrepreneur in the healthcare sector

Miriam radiates a friendly openness that makes it easy to exchange ideas with her. She listens effortlessly and impartially, holds the space and makes offers. Feeling grounded and at the same time transparent and constructive. Thank you for accompanying us!


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